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We are experts at leak detection and repairs

One of the most common problems with a large number of buildings is water leaks. Where seals degrade over time, it is worth having them professionally checked periodically. If leaks are not recognised and resolved within a timely matter, the leak can spread beyond the window, consequently meaning the structure of the building may become compromised.

As professionals, we are here to identify the exact nature of the problem. Over the years, we have re-sealed windows on a large number of residential and commercial buildings in Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle.

Our procedure

  • Cut out faulty old seal
  • Clean the area to be sealed with appropriate surface cleaner or methylated spirits
  • Apply primer
  • Apply polyurethane sealant and smooth with spatula

Why Choose Us

The Safetek team are highly skilled in using polyurethane and silicone sealants. They have years of experience in general sealing, water leak investigation and repairs.

We believe that a high-quality seal comes from thorough surface preparation and correct application of the most suitable product for the task at hand.

We work with a range of different products and can give expert advice for the correct product to use for different substrates.

Sealing Services include:

  • Water testing and leak detection
  • Sealing of window and window frames
  • Sealing of construction and expansion joints
  • Sealing of Apolic facade panels
  • Replacement on window gaskets
  • Resealing of rain heads and down pipes
  • Resealing of failed joints around flashing and box gutters
All anchor points that we install can be used for both rope access and fall arrest. No excuses ever!

We guarantee the results so contact us for a free quote
for window sealing in Sydney and surrounds

Waterproofing and Sealing