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Falls at height is one of the leading causes of severe injury and even death in the construction and maintenance industries. To ensure the integrity and ongoing safety of height safety systems, annual inspections by qualified technicians are required.

The Process of Inspection and Certification

Annual inspection documentation must be clearly displayed for all users to see. Any system showing excessive sign of wear, deterioration, corrosion and or overloading, must be removed from service and clearly tagged, “DO NOT USE”.

As part of our inspection and certification process, we provide Compliance Upgrade recommendations and costings to help clients stay one step ahead. Removing the potential of falls from height due to unsuitable noncompliant fall arrest systems.

All height safety systems must be individually tagged with the test date clearly displayed.

All systems must be installed as per Australian Standards AS/NZS 4488 & AS/NZS 1891. AS/NZS 5532

Types of inspection/testing

Load testing

  • Chemical and Mechanical anchors must load tested to half the WLL for approximately 3 minutes.
  • Any signs of movement and the anchor is failed. It is then tagged DO NOT USE.

Visual inspection

  • Surface Mount
  • Purlin Anchors
  • Truss and Rafter Mount Anchor
  • Metal Roof Systems - through bolts anchors
  • Ladder systems and walkways must all be visually inspected every 12 months to comply with Australian standards
All anchor points that we install can be used for both rope access and fall arrest. No excuses ever!

Equipment used

Safetek use Hydrajaws for all its load testing of concrete fall arrest and rope access anchors. Paired with the Mobile app, we can provide a GPS location of each individual anchor point and produce highly accurate test results.

Inspection and Certification

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